Top 5 Ways to Download Torrents Anonymously

With the rising monitoring and action by anti-piracy groups and suspicious law firms looking to police the BitTorrent system, increasing number of Bittorrent users are in search of way to be anonymous when they use Bittorrent. In order to address their needs for anonymity, given below are 5 top ways to anonymously download torrents. 

The services or options discussed in the below paragraphs range from being totally free to charging a few dollars a month. But understandably free services have restrictions and are also slower than the paid ones. 


This is the most widely used option to get anonymous while downloading torrents. Most of good VPN services cost a few dollars. VPNs basically encrypt your traffic and also hide your real IP address (which is your identity and can point to your location on internet). There are some VPN services that also have free plans but those are generally very restrictive and have lower speeds than the needs of bittorrent users. 

VPNs are not just for hiding your IP while downloading torrents. But with a VPN turned on all your internet traffic passes through the VPN tunnel, so all your internet usage is encrypted. A simple search on Google can help you find hundreds of VPN services. But always remember to ask the VPN provider in advance, if they allow bittorrent traffic. 


BTGuard is an internet proxy service that hides your real IP address from the public. This is a cross platform service which means it works on Mac, Windows and Linux. As the name gives away, this is a service that has been created with the anonymity of bittorrent users in mind. BTGuard comes with its own pre-configured client but it also allows the users the option to set up their own torrent client with BTGuard. BTGuard uses Socks 5 proxy so it works perfectly well with all clients that support this proxy protocol like uTorrent and Vuze. 


TorrentPrivacy is another BTGuard like proxy service built for BitTorrent users in mind. It comes with a uTorrent client of its own with all the necessary settings already pre-configured. However, this service is limited for Windows users only. TorrentPrivacy is a service from and has been doing business for more than two years now. 


This is a pseudonymous and encrypted file sharing protocol which also works on peer-to-peer basis. This is counted among a few free solutions to hide IP addresses while downloading torrents. However, this protocol is not in full compatibility with the existing torrent clients because it uses its own format. You can also expect to get lower download speeds with this protocol compared with normal BitTorrent transfers. 


Seedbox is a term used for a server which is connected to high-speed bandwidth and is used exclusively for transfers of torrent files. The benefit of seedbox is that it joins the torrent swarm on behalf of the user and downloads torrent files at very high speeds without exposing the user’s real IP addrees. Once the torrent file is downloaded on seedbox, user can download the file to their PC using the normal HTTP or browser. 


Almost all the files and probably even more also available for download on Usenet, which is the most anonymous way of downloading files from internet. 

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