& 70 Other domains Seized by US Government

Not only the visitors  but also the owner of  popular torrent search site were shocked to find that the domain had been seized by ICE  ( Immigration and Customs Enforcement Division ) , US government  in response to a district court order and its home page had been replaced with this banner.

It is interesting because the website did not host any torrents , did not run any torrent trackers . It was more like a search engine for torrents. It used iframe to display the website hosted elsewhere in response to searches performed by its users. To define this as copyright infringement is a real strict definition of the term. Because based on this analogy , Google will soon find itself amongst the list of domains that would be seized. Because it also displays torrent search results. owner told TorrentFreak that his domain was seized without any court order conveyed to him and neither he had received any previous complaints. The is still operational through its other URL and it can be checked to have an idea of its operations.

It may be noted that Torrent-Finder is not the only domain that has been confiscated in this recent surge . Several other domains like , , , and have also been seized. A complete list of 70 domains seized in this operation can be found here .

It is result of a recent passage of internet censorship bill COICA by a senate committee?

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