Tumblr: Great Blogging Platform for Non Coders Looking for Big Communities

tumblr-bloggingTumblr offers a blogging platform but on a small scale. You can host a blog site with short ports. You have access to limited options but no coding of any sort is needed.

The Good Things about Tumblr

Tumblr provides a simple and easy way to put your contents online. All you need to do is make an account, select a template and you can start posting. All your posts will be added to your site. You get a “yourusename.tumblr.com” domain by default; you can even give it a custom domain. Tumblr users can re-blog you posts, which means that your contents will be viewed by more people without any effort. The Tumblr users that have subscribed to you will get see the new contents you post, even the non Tumblr users can get updates by using the RSS feeds. Tumblr also offers you to create static pages. With this service you can make a simple website for free but the contents will still be blog oriented.

The Bad Things About Tumblr

Even though you create a website with Tumblr, you don’t get many options to work with. This platform is not for creating complex web sites and any customization requires HTML and CSS knowledge. Even with that all you can do is edit the template. Tumblr is quite limited to blog oriented websites and it is not possible to make any other kind of web site with it.


To sum it all up, Tumblr is a platform which allows you to make simple blog site or blog oriented webs site and it is free. If you wish to make a larger web site or a complex web page, then you would have to look elsewhere as Tumblr is only offers simple blogging platform.

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