Types of Critics and Which Are Worth Ignoring

When it comes to successful business, you are definitely going to come across some sort of criticism on one thing or another. And the right kind of criticism can actually be a helpful thing and can make you even better than you yourself can be. However, the wrong type of criticism can sometimes have a big negative influence on your efforts, therefore, it is important t understand the different types of critics so that you have a clear idea that which ones are to be ignored and which one you should listen to.

If we categorize critics, these are generally of three types: indifferent, friendly and hostile. All of these different types work with different agenda and only one of these types is actually helpful. It is important that you understand to differentiate between these three types not only so that you can quickly identify their types and decide to ignore or listen to the critic but also to learn how to criticize in a useful and constructive manner.

1. Indifferent – The people who fall in the category of indifferent criticizers are not very much concerned about your feelings or writings but they are more concerned about discussing and bringing out truth that surrounds some issue. They are more like natural objectors to things who are just obsessed with the idea of exploring different aspects of a fact or a situation. They are non-personal in nature. But they are objective at the same time. You should pay attention to the factual position and also listen to what this type of criticism says.

2. Hostile – This type of criticizers are also referred to as trolls. They object to everything without any reason or supportive reason in support of their argument. They are rather out there to attack, demean, undermine and take control of a situation. This type can be easily recognized because of their hostile attitude and because they always come attacking at you. Though there are some chances that you could still benefit from this type but most of the time such people should be ignored.

3. Friendly – This type of people offer constructive criticism and are generally your supporters. These are the people who actually care about your success and want to help you on this journey. Their criticism is aimed at building up the person and they do not try to tear down your arguments and your content with their negative and hostile comments. They sincerely want that you make a mark in the world but their ideas may not always be wrong though these are sincere. Most of the time you will also come across this type of criticism but always make sure that the advice that is being offered is base don facts.

In order to evaluate the genuineness of the criticism, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How much truth is there? – try to write down the actual facts and compare it with the criticism and try to figure out what is true.
  • How to change it? If your critic has offered some good points, think of the ways to make a change.
  • Do you care? If you have come across a hostile critic, try to think positively and ask yourself if you really care about it?
  • How to turn it into something positive? Try to think of ways of using the facts of the criticism and make it a positive one?

Almost always keep your eyes open and try to take the criticism positively without offering a knee jerk defensive reaction. Every criticism being offered has pros and cons and while it is perfectly alright that you put the person offering the hostile advice on ignore for the reason of their rudeness, but try to actively listen to what they are saying to determine the level of truth in the argument. After all, without caring about the source of the criticism, you can always benefit from it if there is truth in it.

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