USB Show Recovers Files Hidden by Viruses

Some USB viruses are notorious for hiding all files on the USB and recommended method of turning on “View Hidden Files” in folder options does not work in that case. You might desperately want to recover those hidden files on certain occasions. Fortunately , it is a one click action with the utility named USB Show . Download the utility from here . Unrar and Run it and you will be presented with this screen.

Next click on English button and then Recovery the hide file button . From the next window , select the USB drive and USB Show will recover the hidden files on the USB and confirm it . Now you can open the USB and see the recovered files. It is advisable to keep your antivirus software running so that the virus does not sneak through again. You should also scan the your USB drive with updated anti virus before and after the recovery .

The software is free . It can also be used to recover hard drive hidden files as well but it would take a longer time.

This is a tested utility by with perfect results and is highly recommended.

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