Use YouTube as a Music Player With Tubalr

Most of you would have tried to use YouTube as a playlist but it must not have been a lot of fun because you would have to return to the page after a song and search again for something interesting for you , often times with unwanted stuff like comments.

A new app Tubalr has tried to make the continuous music listening experience on YouTube a little more pleasing. What it does is that it searches for all the top songs for an artist and arranges those in a playlist . Optionally the app searches for related artists on and adds their top songs to the playlist as well.

“I was surfing YouTube and found some amazing HD music videos,” the creator Cody Stewart said, “and I thought it would be a cool idea to play those back to back without having all the other stuff I didnt find interesting — mainly the 10,000s of comments about cats and dogs.”

It is a free app and it does not make any money through ads unlike Pandora. The only visible ads are those already embedded in the YouTube video .

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