Using Facebook, Google and Twitter Accounts to Login to Websites: Pros and Cons

Now days, a lot of web sites offer you to log in by using your Twitter, Google or Facebook account. This way you don’t need to make a new account and some of the websites can even share your activities on Facebook but first you must authorize them.

This method has made it easier to log into websites because you don’t have to go through the processes of making a new account and remembering the information. For example you can easily log into websites like,,, and many other web sites just by using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account.

The most popular way to log into a web site is by using a Facebook account. In 2008 Facebook released some APLs that changed the way people log into web sites. Most of the major web sites now give you the option to use your Facebook account to connect and log into that web site.

As this idea has got quite popular, more and more web sites have started to use Facebook as a login option. Just like everything else in the word, this login option comes with some disadvantages and some advantages.

Advantages of Using This Method of Login

Using same credentials for login into different web sites has a few advantages. You don’t have to remember different user names and password for different web sites. All your credentials are more secure and they are lesser chances of them getting hacked as they are stored with Google, Facebook or Twitter. The web sites that are customized to work with Facebook API make it easier to share your web site activities with your family and friends.

The main three advantages of using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account as login for different third party web sites. The top most advantage of this method is that all of your credentials stay safe and secure on Facebook or Google. A lot of web sites offer good services but they don’t have much protection and you might lose all of your information due to your account being hacked.

Disadvantages of Using This Method

You might have heard people say that you should not keep all of your information in the same place, you would have also read online that you should use different password for each web site you log onto.

The main advantage of this method can also become the main disadvantage sometimes, as losing your Facebook, Twitter or Google information can lead to losing all your accounts on different web sites. Secondly if your account gets hacked, the hacker will be able to view all of your apps and would be able to log into all the sites you joined.

It seems there is only one but a huge disadvantage of this method. This way you have to entrust all of your information to a single service or a web site might make privacy problems later. Dose Google, Twitter and Facebook get to hold your information forever? What if they plan on selling it later? It is a bit risky for all of your information to be held by one single company.


To sum it all up, it’s really up to you. What you should really do is, use Facebook, Twitter or Google to log into some sites and use the regular login on the others. By doing this, you don’t have to rely on a single company or service to hold your information.

You should also know that using Facebook for login into different sites might reduce a bit of your privacy, as Facebook allows apps to post your activities on your wall. Login with Google or Twitter have no effect on your privacy as your activities are not posted on them. For some reason, the Facebook apps you authorize collects lots of information and posts it on your Facebook wall.

There aren’t any horror stories of this method yet, but they are bound to happen as it gets more popular. Losing Facebook, Twitter or Google account in any way will lead you to lose all other accounts linked to it. 

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