Expert Tips for Using Twitter for Traffic

using twitter for trafficYou have created great content on your website but no one in the whole universe will know about it unless you promote your blog. Bringing traffic to your website is of the same importance as creating the website itself. There are many methods of bringing traffic and using twitter for traffic is one of the most successful and reliable one.

Tweeting about your website is an incredible way to make your content public and can serve as your tool to connect with your customers. With a user base of more than 500 million, using twitter for traffic has to be included in your overall marketing plan.

By using twitter for traffic in the right way, you can bring server melting loads of traffic to your website. However, it is not the right approach to just tweet with a title and link of your blog post.

You can achieve success by being creating, pro-active. Given below are some of the most useful tips for using Twitter for traffic to your website.

First thing to keep in mind is to create proactive tweets and more desirably within 100 character range though Twitter allows a 140 word tweet. Studies have shown that tweets that are under 100 characters have a 21% higher engagement rate. Try to be brief and create a tweet that invokes readers’ interest in the article or post. The tweet does not necessarily have to be the title of the post.

Another tip for using Twitter for traffic is to include a quote from your post which sounds intriguing to the reader. Studies have shown that tweets that are based on quotes have a 54 percent higher chances of getting retweeted by users.

Try to write some statistics, if you have got, in your tweet. People love statistics because number evoke users interest of the readers. Tweets like ‘Did you Know that contextual ads are 6x more effective than display ads’, urge readers to click through.

Another very important advice for using Twitter for traffic is to make use of #Hashtags. A Hashtag is basically a two or three words or even more words behind # symbol which refers to a common subject of discussion among users. This is an excellent way of getting in touch with other Twitter users sharing the same interest at a time.

And another very useful tip is to make use of visually appealing images in your tweets. By attaching an attractive and related image to your tweet, you can invoke your’s interest at a very high level.

These tips are sure to make your using Twitter for traffic a more engaging and result oriented experience. Share your own tips in comments.


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