Watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and 70 Blocked TV services Online

It is not very often that i recommend a paid service but after having used UnoTelly, i have only good words to share about the service. This is an excellent service for people who are outside the US or UK and want to gain access to sites like Hulu, BBC, BBC iPlayer, Netflix and many other services which are geo-restricted. 

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Why UnoTelly is better than VPN

One of the most popularly used methods to gain access to this geo-restricted tv media is VPN but this has a drawback. It adds its own overhead and the speeds you get are in all cases less than your actual internet speeds. However, UnoTelly is a DNS based service and not a VPN. The result is better speeds than when using VPN. 

What can be accessed using UnoTelly?

By using UnoTelly, you can gain immediate access to Hulu, BBC, Netflix and more than 70 other geo-restricted TV services. The full list of  TV channels can be found here. Another benefit of this over VPN is its ability to be used on all devices, be it PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. 

What are Bandwidth and Port speeds Limits?

The best thing about this service is that it does not have absolutely any limits on speeds or bandwidth. You can watch these restricted TV services to your heart’s content without worrying about the allocations of bandwidth and speed throttling which often comes with paid VPN services. 

Who can use this service?

UnoTelly is best for two types of people. First the residents of US and UK living in other countries who want to watch this native content and secondly people of other countries who have been locked out of the services like Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, NBC TV etc because they log on with IPs which are not from US or UK. 


UnoTelly has a free 8 days trial and then if you like it, which i am sure you WILL, you can choose either Gold or Premium package which at the most cost about 5 dollars per month. In fact the Premium package is 4 dollars per month. Gold package also comes with a VPN for accessing services which are not supported by UnoTelly DNS service.

After having used the service for two days, during which my kids have been enjoying BBC kids channels uninterruped with great speeds, i absolutely recommend UnoTelly to anyone looking for a solution to watch Hulu, Netflix, BBC iPlayer and many other geo-restricted TV channels. 




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