Web Host Manager: What is it and What are Benefits

WHM which stands for Web Host Manager is a powerful software that is needed for back-end administration of cPanel. There are two types or versions of Web Host Manager. One is the basic WHM and the other is rWHM or root web host manager. The later one requires that the user has root access on the server for some functions. 

Web Host Manager: Why you need it

Web Host manager is a powerful tool which gives the administrator to manage large or small websites alike. But perhaps the best application of web host manager is that it gives the user an ability to create and sell web hosting packages. By creating multiple cPanel accounts from within web host manager, you can sell web services and open your own web hosting company. 

Even if you are not selling websites, there are many reasons for using different cPanel accounts for different websites because that will save you from complexities of having all your websites in one cPanel hosting account. And you can easily create as many cPanel accounts as you like using WHM or web host manager. 

Web Host Manager: What it does

Web Host Manager gives you powerful tools to perform many important tasks related to web hosting. Here are some of the important functions you can perform using WHM:

  • Creation, suspension and deletion of cPanel accounts. 
  • Monitoring and managing of websites which include password resets as well
  • Management of DNS zones of all of your domains. 
  • Configuration to allow management of customer support requests via cPanel
  • Detailed information about different aspects of the server
  • Customization of the default page for all new accounts that you will create
  • Changing the user names and domain names of clients. 
  • Ability to change anything on cPanel accounts under the web host manager account and edit any information you may like to edit. 

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