Web Site Hosting – An Introduction For Beginners


Web site hosting service basically provides the space for the website on its server to have it available online for rest of the world to view.

Importance of Host

Hosting your website yourself is a very expensive proposition as you will have to purchase infrastructure like servers, routers etc. So it is a norm in website hosting business to acquire service of hosting service providers who can host your website on their server with round the clock internet connectivity. You are provided with administration panel to control and manage your website by these web site hosting companies.

Listed below are several kinds of hosting options available:

Shared hosting

Dedicated hosting

VPS or VDS (Virtual Private Server & Virtual Dedicated Server)

Based on your budget, requirements and expectations from website you can select which web site hosting is best for you.

Shared Hosting — Free

If your website is a personal one you have no or very less intention of doing business with it, then you may opt for free web site hosting plans. So if you are new to website business, not expert technically and working on a new idea and of course tight on budget, then it only makes sense to go for the free plan. On the down side, such web site hosting company hardly provides service to write home about. With very few customization options, limited and jammed space and bandwidth respectively free option is limited always. It can’t always provide the backend software support that you seek, like MySQL DB and PHP. Web statistics and other features are also poorly managed.

Shared hosting – Paid

Mostly the companies from average to large enterprise use some king of shared web site hosting options. Mostly the needs are not that much to raise the need of dedicated hosting. Other than that like always cost is a big factor here as well.

Paid web site hosting option grants you access to many useful features including (but not limited to) emails server, Software such as MySQL & PHP are supported. Generally security is not strong, making websites vulnerable against hacker attacks.

Dedicated hosting

For website of great magnitude with requirement of more space and bandwidth, dedicated web site hosting is advisable. This options gives even more better administrative control to you. You are free to use any software, feature, components of your choice. However you need to have sound technical expertise to actually manage and get benefit from your dedicated servers. This is obviously an expensive option.


Co-location is a variant of dedicated web site hosting. In this model the server is all yours. However it is physically located at some service provider’s location. Still the server is only for you and your requirements. Of course the cost is high.


In this kind of web site hosting, server is divided into virtual partitions, quite similar to the drives created from your computer’s hard disk. Then each partition is granted to host a website. Every website owner is given with the options similar to dedicated hosting but in reality the owner is only administrator of his/her virtual partition of server.

I hope these web site hosting  – An introduction for beginners article would have helped you in  clearing your basic concepts about web hosting and different types of hosting.

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