Web Hosting Control Panel: Which one to use

Web Hosting control panel is the software that controls the hosting account and provides the user with the interface to perform various web hosting related tasks graphically. Before web hosting control panel, everything related to web hosting was done on command line which was not everyone’s piece of cake. However, as the web hosting industry evolved, web hosting control panel was made which is graphical and even non technical persons can use it to perform web hosting related tasks. 

Web Hosting Control Panel: What it offers

Using a web hosting control panel, you can perform all the tasks related to your web hosting account. In simple words, this is your interface with your account. You can use it to upload your website, to manage dns zones of your websites, to create FTP accounts. 

Web Hosting control panel can also be used to create and manage databases  to create and manage email accounts and take backups of your websites and account. A web hosting control panel is also used to create subdomains and addon domains. This also gives you an overview of your web hosting account. It tells you how much space and memory your websites are using. You can also use web hosting control panel to stop hotlinking of your website content. 

Web Hosting Control Panel: Which is recommended

There are many web hosting control panels but the recommended one is cPanel because it is way ahead of the competition in security and ease. Secondly most of the web hosts use cPanel as the web hosting control panel which makes it easy to move web hosts if both of your web hosting companies are using cPanel web hosting control panel. Another benefit of cPanel web hosting control panel is that it is really easy to use and the end users are saved from complexities of web hosting. If you are interested, you may explore other web hosting control panel software like Direct Admin, WebMin and Plesk.