Web Hosting Definition: What Does it Mean?

If you want to know web hosting definition, it is simple as well as complex. A simple web hosting definition means keeping your website files on a computer which is always online so that people can read and see your website round the clock. This is the simplest possible web hosting definition. 

Web Hosting Definition: Explanation

If we go into a bit of depth of web hosting definition  it means hosting your website with a web hosting company which has computer called servers in data centers. The web hosting definition does not end here. To further clarify things, there are different types of web hosting which a simple web hosting definition does not cover. 

A web hosting definition can be further expanded to include different types of web hosting. Some of the most common web hosting types that can form part of web hosting definition are:



Web Hosting Definition: Types of Hosting

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  • Shared Hosting: Where your website shares the processing resources on a server
  • VPS Hosting: This is the virtual private server. A physical server is divided into many VPS servers which serve independently of each other.
  • Dedicated Hosting: In this hosting your website owns all the resources of a physical server.
  • Linux Hosting: This is the most common type of web hosting. It is based on free Linus operating system and free databases and web servers.
  • Windows Hosting: This web hosting is for websites that have been built on windows website developments tools. Windows hosting is less common and is costlier than Linux hosting.


The web hosting definition can further include many other types like cloud hosting, shoutcast hosting etc but the above are the most common types that can be included in a web hosting definition explanation. 

 web hosting definition

A simple explanation of web hosting definition is that you make your website or get it made. But this is only with you. The world will only see it on internet if you host it with a web host and also get a domain name which will be the internet address of your website. 

I hope this simple simple explanation would have helped you in understanding web hosting definition. 

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