Web Hosting Easy Platform and Tutorials

Web hosting sounds very technical and the fact of the matter is that web hosting is in fact a technical thing. But web hosting easy is also possible if you make the right choice about web hosting. So the question is how to have web hosting easy without worrying about all the command line interfaces. The simple answer is that you should buy a web hosting easy with a control panel. And going forward not any other control panel but web hosting easy is possible only with cPanel based web hosting. 

Web Hosting Easy: With cPanel

cPanel is the industry standard control panel for making web hosting easy. A control provides you with graphical interface to manage and implement service commands. In the absence of web hosting easy control panel, it will be almost impossible for non technical people to use any web hosting because of the different types of complex commands required for even small tasks. 

All this complexity is taken away by cPanel and web hosting easy is made possible. With just clicks you can perform all the tasks related to web hosting like creating email accounts, managing DNS zones, creating databases, taking backups and adding new domains and creating subdomains. In fact a lot more other complex options have also been brought to non technical persons with this web hosting easy control panel. 

Web Hosting Easy: How to learn cPanel

When your cPanel account will be created by your web host, you will receive the basic instructions about using your web hosting easy account in your email. The first few things you will need to learn will be to change nameservers to point to your hosting, adding your website data using FTP, creating databases and learning to install scripts like WordPress from one click installers within cPanel. It is essential that any web hosting easy should come with one click script installers like Fantastico. 

Detailed tutorials about web hosting easy cPanel usage can be found here