Web Hosting Joomla: Technical Requirements and Recommendations

Joomla is one of the world’s most popular content management system that is used for publishing content on the world wide web. Joomla has been developed using object oriented technology and written in PHP. Web Hosting Joomla is a frequently asked question because Joomla is the second most used content management system after wordpress. It has been downloaded more than 30 million times and has more than 3000 extensions available to further extent its functions which already include RSS feeds, page caching, printable versions of joomla pages, blogs, polls , flashes and search etc. 

Web Hosting Joomla: Technical Requirements

Web Hosting Joomla does not need anything out of this world. Almost all modern hosts now support and market themselves as web hosting Joomla compliant. There are different versions of Joomla available and web hosting Joomla requirements are different for different versions. Given below are the web hosting Joomla requirements for the latest version of Joomla only. Though you need not worry because almost all the hosts now support web hosting Joomla by default. In fact most of them also allow on click installation of Joomla from within the hosting administration panel. 

Web Hosting Joomla needs PHP 5.3.1 + . One key requirement is that Magic Quotes GPC  must be off in PHP. Web Hosting Joomla requires any of the following databases:

MySQL  with InnoDB support  5.1 + http://www.mysql.com
MSSQL 10.50.1600.1+ http://www.microsoft.com/sql
PostgreSQL 8.3.18 + http://www.postgresql.org/

Web Hosting Joomla: Web Server Requirements

In order to qualify as a Joomla friendy web hosting, a web hosting environment needs to have any of the following web servers: Web Hosting Joomla only supports three web servers: Apache, Nginx,  and IIS

Web Servers Supported by Joomla Web Hosting
Apache supporting the following mods:
 mod_mysql, mod_xml,
and mod_zlib
2.x + http://www.apache.org
Nginx 1.1 http://wiki.nginx.org/
Microsoft IIS 7 http://www.iis.net

There are many good web hosting Joomla recommendations. A few of the good hosts are given below: