Web Hosting No Ads: Top 5 Free Web Hosts

If you are an amateur blogger and do not have any intention of making money from your websites, then you will definitely first look for web hosting no ads because you will not want to spend money on hosting. However, finding web hosting no ads is no less than a big task because almost all big free web hosting sites do not offer web hosting no ads because they need ads to support their hosting costs. 

Why you need Web Hosting No Ads

Web hosting no ads is needed because if you host your blog or site on a web host that inserts ads in your website then it will ruin all user experience. Secondly you will not be having any control on those ads and some of the ads might be really annoying to users. In such situation the search for web hosting no ads becomes even more important. 

Most of these free web hosting companies offer web hosting as a sub domain which means that you can not host your own domain on these free web hosting sites. And the ads ruin the rest of the experience. So in all earnestness you should look for web hosting no ads because that will provide a real experience to your website users. 

Can i find web hosting no ads?

If you are thinking that there is no web hosting no ads then you are mistaken. In fact there are still many good web hosting no ads sites though they have certain limitations. But these limitations should not hurt your amateur site as long as you are getting web hosting no ads. 

We have listed the best free web hosting no ads in another post where we have listed the web hosts that offer free web hosting without inserting any ads on the hosted sites. You can find the list of these web hosting no ads sites here