Web Hosting PHP MySQL Support

Web Hosting is of many types. However, the most popular type of web hosting is web hosting php mysql. More than 90 percent of the websites on internet are powered by web hosting php mysql. Most of the web hosts support PHP MySQL web hosting out of the box because of the dominant nature of the technologies. Both PHP and MySQL are free and open source. PHP is the server side scritping programming language. This is used to create dynamic websites which use MySQL as the database. 

Web Hosting PHP MySQL requirements

What are the circumstances when you will be needing web hosting PHP MySQL. If you want to have a few pages static website then web hosting PHP MySQL is not your requirement. This is not required because static websites can be easily developed using HTML. Therefore, there is no need of using PHP as the scripting language. Secondly since static websites do not use any database at the back-end  therefore, it is not essential to to have web hosting PHP MySQL. 

Web Hosting PHP MySQL Recommendations

If you are looking to have a dynamic website or a blog powered by wordpress, then you will surely need web hosting PHP MySQL because one of the basic requirements of WordPress is PHP and MySQL environment. You may also like to check the versions of PHP and MySQL required for your website. If it is wordpress based blog then you can easily check this from their website. 

However, as a matter of fact around 99 percent of modern web hosting services support web hosting PHP MySQL already. Since the web hosting industry has cut throat competition therefore it is highly likely that they will also be running the latest stable versions of PHP and MySQL. 

If you are looking for some web hosting PHP MySQL recommendations, then you can easily find some of the best web hosting PHP MySQL in another post here.