Web Hosting Prices: Cheapest and Reliable Web Hosts

Everyone wants to save money while looking for web hosting prices because there is a lot of variation in the web hosting prices offered by different hosts. Some of the web hosts are really cheap but this cheapness also has a price. 

Should i decide on basis of Web Hosting Prices?

This leads us to the question of whether one should decide on the web hosting based on web hosting prices and choose the cheapest host around. The answer to this question is a big no. It is all the good to find a cheap host but before that you need the web host to be reliable, trustworthy, and capable of support. Because otherwise you will face frequent downtimes and even your website may remain offline for extended period of time which may be even in days.

Such downtimes also have a cost because they hurt your website’s rankings and also affect your business overall. A web site that is not available is of no use. Therefore, it is not always necessary to base your decision of web host on web hosting prices. You should always do due diligence about the web host and read a lot of reviews about the web host. 

Web Hosting Prices: Range

Different web hosting companies offer different web hosting prices. The price also depends on your requirements. Web Hosts have different packages and these packages have different processing, storage and bandwidth and other features. Therefore, nothing concrete can be said about the web hosting prices. The price will ultimately depend on your requirements. 

However, for a starter website, you should get good web hosting prices in the range of $3-7. Some of the web hosting companies charge even higher prices but it is always advisable to start with a smaller package and the upgrade if your website needs more resources after again reviewing web hosting prices. Given below are top five web hosting companies and their prices:

  1. HostGator.coom            $4.95 /mo
  2. JustHost.com                 $4.45 /mo
  3. iPage.com                         $4.50 /mo
  4. BlueHost.com                  $6.95 /mo
  5. HostMonster.com         $4.95 /mo