Which Web Hosting Reviews to Trust When Buying Hosting

web-hosting-reviewsIt is natural that before you buy web hosting, you will like to read web hosting reviews of different hosting companies and then make your decision based on these reviews. But when you will search for reviews of web hosting companies, you will find that you will be fishing in a cesspool.

You will find mainly two types of reviews when you Google for web hosting reviews. Many reviews are anecdotal experiences from users, attesting to the voracity of which is really difficult. The other type is reviews from spammers who are trying to sell web hosting as affiliates. It is almost impossible to actually list good web hosts based on the available reviews.

Since Web Hosting is a very competitive business, therefore, these companies have affiliates programmes which people sign up and then promote these web hosting companies by writing reviews and by other marketing mechanisms. It is natural that when you have signed up as an affiliate with a business, you can not write a neutral review. And even if the web hosting service deserves a negative review, you will stay miles away from writing a negative review because that will defeat your objective of making money as an affiliate of that web hosting company. No one is likely to buy hosting after reading a negative review.

There are also spammers who are paid to post reviews and comments on different web hosting forums and sites. The excess of spam comments related to hosting makes it impossible to sift real reviews from fake reviews. There is also a possibility that a web hosting company might be posting in forums under fake accounts. And this possibility happens all the time.

As a general principle, if a web hosting review is too good to be true, it is most likely not true. An objective review touches both the positive and negative aspects of a service. Any review full of just praise is not likely a review to be trusted.

Also do not trust reviews from different websites which push the sales of the web hosting company under review in the same article or generally on the website. An affiliate review has a typical tone and can be easily guessed by the language of the review which will be full of praises for the service without mentioning even a single con.

There are also instances where web hosting companies offer incentives to their existing customers to post a positive review and get an upgrade on their service in return. These reviews are also biased and do not truly reflect the performance of the web hosting company.

One of the best places to get objective web hosting reviews is to visit WebHostingTalk forums where you can find hundreds of reviews. Now it is your job to sift the real reviews from the paid and fake ones keeping in view the above factors.


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