Web Hosting Service Providers – Making The Right Choice

Making the right choice from Web Hosting service providers

There are numerous hosting service providers available; you may be looking for the one providing best web hosting service in term of speed, space and security. Let’s discuss few aspects which will help you filtering out the hosts making you come up with the best host in the end.


Look out for the host making overgenerous fancy marketing claims of infinite space and infinite bandwidth at amazingly cheap prices (usually in single figure), then you can easily deduce that the host is overselling his infrastructure. Overselling is done on the basis of assumption that normal website content may never reach to these limits and the website may never has the visitor base to actually reach the sky high bandwidth promised. This is true up to some extent too, as an average website may never need all this much large space & bandwidth. However ‘overselling’ is a problem which may result in account suspension, frequent website crashes. Rule of thumb for overselling is to sell 3 more times than your actual strength, so for example if for argument’s sake a company has infrastructure to provide 1 MB space and bandwidth then it can sale 1 MB space & bandwidth to 3 websites. However if it sounds too good to be true with packages like 100 GB disk space & 2 Terabytes of data transfer, then believe me, it is too good to be true and is not true, as it can’t be true simple. Such web hosting service provider may never be able to provide your website the required stability and reliability.


You must also pay careful attention to support. Support is another most important aspect to gauge host’s quality. See if their support attributes provided on website are in fact true. Try their support in different times of day to check if they manage to fulfill their promise of round the clock support. See if the response is received in reasonable time and has comprehensive answer to your query. See if they are able to provide good response to your technical queries as well.


So make sure you avoid over ‘oversellers’ and choose the host providing you best support, as your website may go down anytime of the day. Web Hosting Service providers fulfilling these criteria are more than expected to be good always.

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