Web Hosting Vs VPS: What’s the Difference

As far the working of website is concerned there is no difference in web hosting vs vps. However, technically there is a huge difference between web hosting vs vps. VPS is also used for web hosting. In this article we will examine web hosting vs vps. 

When you start out you get shared hosting for your website without thinking of web hosting vs vps. Shared web hosting is ideal for small websites with not a lot of traffic. However, you will start comparing shared web hosting vs VPS when your website starts getting lots of visitors. A web hosting generally means shared hosting. 

Web Hosting Vs VPS: Key Differences

In shared hosting there is one web server which is shared by many sites. Commercial web hosting companies often host thousands of web sites on web server. Comparing shared hosting vs VPS on the other hand is the next step. Web hosting vs VPS difference can be clarified with the example that in case of VPS your website is using all the resources of the server independently. 

However, the comparison of web hosting vs VPS does not stop here. There is a third level of hosting as well which is called dedicated web hosting. Dedicated web hosting means having a physical server of your own. Whereas VPS stands for virtual private server. 

web hosting vs vps

Web Hosting Vs VPS: Comparison

In case of VPS you are using the server independently for your website but it is not a physical server. Rather a physical server is logically partitioned into many virtual private servers which function independently of each other. 

Comparing shared web hosting vs vps, the sites hosted on VPS are supposed to run a lot faster than shared web hosting. Another key element of web hosting vs VPS comparison is that you have full root access to the server and you can do whatever to the server. Another element of web hosting vs VPS comparison is that VPS costs a lot more than normal shared web hosting. However, it costs less than a dedicated server. 

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