Web Hosting WordPress: Best Recommendations

WordPress is the most popular content management blogging platform on internet and millions of users have their websites powered by wordpress. This genuinely creates demand for web hosting wordpress. Everyone who is going to create a blog powered by wordpress will be in search of web hosting wordpress. But web hosting wordpress is a kind of misnomer because almost any respectable web host meets the requirements of wordpress web hosting. 

Web Hosting WordPress: Requirements

In order to run a WordPress blog , a web hosting environment needs to meet just two basic requirements. Given below are the two critical requirements for running a wordpress blog. 

  • PHP version 5.2.4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5.0 or greater

And that’s all as far as the basic requirements of web hosting wordpress are concerned. WordPress, however, recommends that either Apache or Nginx should be used as the web server. However, wordpress website states that any web server that supports the above PHP and MySQL versions is good to go. It will be also good to ask your web host in advance if they have one click wordpress installer available in cPanel. This will magically simplify the task of installing wordpress. All you will need on a web hosting wordpress to install wordpress will be one click. 

Web Hosting WordPress: Recommendation

Web Hosting wordpress market is really competitive. The tools like cPanel, WHM, WHMCS and Fantastico have made the launching of a web hosting wordpress really easy. But most of the web hosts are in search of quick bucks and are not stable. They have a tendency to run away with your websites. So it is essential that you chose only best and reliable web hosting wordpress so that you worry about adding content to your blog and not about the web hosting wordpress issues. We already have covered the best web hosting wordpress in another post here.