Three Easy Solutions for Website Backup

It is extremely critical for your online business that you take website backup regularly. Your website provides backup service most of the time but never rely on the web host because they always give this disclaimer that you should take your own backup. In the event, something disastrous happens at the web hosting, you will be left with no option but to look for your own backups of your website.

One advantage of having your own website backup is that you can keep as many backups of your website as you like. Sometimes when your website is hacked, the latest backups are also generally not bug free. In such a situation the safest best is to restore an older website backup.

This brings us to the question of how to take website backup easily. Generally speaking it is a technical thing because of the Linux commands involved. However, there are three easy ways to backup your website without knowing anything technical going under the hood. Please note that all these solutions are for WordPress based websites.

The easiest method is to backup your website using the one click WordPress installer Softcaulous. However, for this it is essential that your web hosting must have Softcaulous installer and you must have installed your WordPress website using this.

When you will click on Softaculous icon inside your cPanel, you will see the scrips installation page. From there you click on WordPress from the left menu. Here you will the Current Installation of WordPress. From the website you want to backup, click on the Backup button the right side. From the next screen, choose whether you want to backup just the WordPress directory or database or both. Ideally you should back up both. Full tutorial is available here.


Once you have checked both the options, you can then click on Backup Installation button below and within a minute your website backup will be ready and accessible from Backups. Download it to your own hard disk.

The second option is to backup website using cPanel backup wizard which is also very user friendly. You can take either partial backup or full backup. Under the cPanel Files section click on Backups icon. Next click on Generate/Download a Full Website Backup and select the Home directory option and click on Generate Backup. Your backup will soon be available for download under Full Backup>Generate/Download a Full Website Backup.

If you want to use a premium service, then you may consider using myRepono backup which automates the process of WordPress website backup.

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