5 Mistakes Beginners Make When Creating Websites

website-mistakesA lot many people just keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again in their online money efforts even after knowing to how to create their own websites and this goes on for many years.

So if you are struggling with your online career efforts then know these mistakes to avoid when creating websites.

Free Web Hosting

The biggest starting mistake that any website owner can make is going with free web hosting. And i also include free blogging solutions like Weebly and Blogger in this free web hosting list. These solutions allow you to create a site quickly and with perfect ease but they are a future pain for sure.

The first problem with free web hosting is that since most people are making websites for earning money, search engines and users will take your website only seriously if you have got your own domain name for your website. (yourdomainname.com).

And it is not really pricey to get a domain name these days. You can get a domain name for ~10 and this is an investment that will pay you if you are serious in your efforts.

It is really unimaginable to start a brick and mortar business with this little money. Online businesses have very low start up costs and still you can earn millions if you do things in the right way.

Free websites with free web hosting comes with many cons. For one things, these are inflexible and you can not modify these according to your requirements. You have to live your life withing the templates given by these free solutions.

And even more scary truth is that you only own your website in name because the actual website still belongs to the original free hosting company.

With the prices of domains and web hosting touching rock bottom, there is no reasonable justification for going with free web hosting. Avoid making the same mistake that thousands of unsuccessful online entrepreneurs have made.

If you go with free solution, you will regret it in the end when you will need to migrate your free website to a paid domain and hosting and then you will risk losing your all hard earned search engine rankings and link juice with the domain change.

Target Your Niche

Just having some nice ideas will not bring people visiting your website. There are already too many websites built on thoughts and ideas. The real challenge comes when you need to bring traffic to your website.

Therefore, before you start your journey, make yourself clear about which target market you want to focus on. Your new website should invariably fill some needs of a target segment of the market which in simple words would mean find your niche.

With more focus on your niche, you will be able to attract more visitors to your website and it will also be a lot easier to add content to your website. Content writing will also be facilitated if you already know your audience quite well.

Make use of free Google Keyword Planner Tool for finding your niche and keywords to target.

In short, before ever going to create your website, be sure that you have thought enough about finding your niche and ensuring that your website fills a specific need of a target market.

Churning Out Blogs Invariably

Since WordPress is so hugely popular, it is all the more natural that people just make blog websites by adding short lived content, which is not the idea way to organize a website.

Every site has different organization requirements. If you just keep adding content in blog fashion, it becomes difficult for users to find relevant content. Even in case of this website, it would be an uphill task to teach people how to build website if the content is not well organized.

However, it is not at all difficult to present content in an organized way even with WordPress because it is a flexible content management solution. Create your information and share it with your users in silos.

Ignoring the Money Aspect

You might not initially think this, but the fact is that as soon as you are starting a website to make money, you are actually there to start a business.

And at the root of every business is meeting demand. And for a website, it is vital that your website serves some needs of your target niche and provides solutions to those needs. This will increase engagement on your website and bring you money in the long run.

Starting Right Away with Your Own Product

No one knows beginners. Therefore, your name is not a brand on internet. You have to accept this that people will not be searching for your name right the moment you crate your website.

The only way to bring information to a new website is by providing informative content and answering people’s need for information, questions and problems. People will directly look for brands like Hallmark, Amazon etc.

Starting a content website on these lines is your best bet unless you can bring traffic to your product based website by spending a huge money on advertising. Most of successful internet millionaires have followed this approach. Many marketers first started with providing informative tips and then added their own products after they had established a loyal following for their websites.


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