5 Critical Rules in Website Design

website-designWhen you are making your own website, special attention should be reserved for website design to ensure that the final website is according to your requirements. Given below are seven critical rules to help you ensure that your website design is suitable for optimum performance.

1. Avoid Splash Pages

A splash page is the  first page that greets a website visitor but it is just a beautiful image mostly with a few words like “Enter Here” or “Welcome.” These splash pages are of no use. By using these, you are going to give your visitors a solid reason to press the back button on their browser. Offer the real value of your website right away when a visitor lands on your website without inserting any splash pages.

2. Do not Flash Excessive Banner Ads

By using flash banner ads, you will be wasting your precious website space because even the least technical web users have learned how to avoid banner advertisements. The better approach in website design is to offer great content on your website and knit your affiliate links in the content so that the visitor feels convinced to buy something rather than being pushed to buy.

3. Let the User Know Where he is

If your website has good engagement levels, it is a good website design practice to let the visitor know which area of the website they are at any moment. This will provide the users easy navigation and help them in browsing to the relevant sections on your website. Always try to ensure that visitors does not get confused.

4. Stay Away from Audio Files

A looping audio is a sure distraction to a user who is staying for some time on your website. If you MUST add video or audio content, ensure that it is not auto-played and the user gets control over the audio especially. At least provide volume controls to the user.

5. Use Clear and Simple Navigation

It is a good website design rule to keep navigation on your website so simple that even a child can use it. Do not use flashy menus or deep tiered drop down menus. A user will definitely leave a website if he or she struggles with moving around on your website.

Use these five website deign rules and offer a great experience to your website visitors.

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