Are Website Directory Listings Relevant for SEO?

website directory listings

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Not long ago everyone was trying to get listed in website directory listings like DMOZ but recently you might not be hearing much about these because Google devalued links from these website directory listings terming these as low value and spammy. The question that still many website owners ask is ” do these directory listings still help in SEO ranking“?

The truth is that if you can find a non-spammy directory, you can still get a valuable link but these are hard to find. And it will not be wise to get a lot of website directory listings with links pointing to your website because of the Penguin penalties Google has been handing quite frequently for spammy link profiles for websites.

Since almost 95 percent of the website directories now fall in the category of spammy, therefore, you will often hear SEO experts announcing that “directories are dead”.

However, as I have explained above, there are still non spammy website directory listings which are of high value backlinks. However, it simply does not work like it used to in the past when you will submit your link to thousands of directories and see a quick SEO pagerank boost.

These days it will not be a great idea if you want to use website directories listings just for backlinks. However, for traffic purpose these still work flawlessly if you get listed on on niche specific directories with traffic, then it is all the worth of your time to submit to these directories.

Even for building your backlinks profile, there are certain directories which still are quite strong in terms of SEO benefits. Some of these website directories are:

  • yahoo
  • yelp
  • bing
  • mapquest
  • citysearch
  • whitepages
  • merchant circle

In short focus only on quality directories (some of these might be paid ones) and stay away from thousands of other spammy website directory listings which have no visitor value and are just a collection of categories and links.

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