How Fast Can You Improve Website Rankings for Keywords

website-rankingsHow fast can you we attain website rankings for targeted keywords has been affected by a flurry of recent changes that Google has made to its search engine algorithms. Generally, it is taking more time than before for ranking.

However, it should not indicate that it has become impossible to have websites rank fast or rank well. By reading ahead, you will be gaining insight about these recently introduced changes and how to have website rankings in this time by making use of the information that is available in SEO Engima Reloaded.

Depending on the keywords you are trying to rank, the time it usually takes to rank well is between 36-48 hours now. It is still possible to drive up website rankings quickly by using certain techniques that are well within the rules of SEO. And why it is possible might well offer a surprising answer.

In order to rank websites fast, you have to turn to making use of the power of long tail keywords. It will be totally wrong to start with the assumption that it is possible to rank just as fast by using short tail keywords. The reason is quite simple. Now the recent changes in search engines algorithms mean they look at your website with a different perspective. Long tail keywords appear a lot more relevant in search engine’s eyes.

Your chances of website rankings are faster and better depending on how specific your targeted keywords are. It is true that everything related to your website goes a long way in determining overall ranking of your website, but keywords that your website focuses on are of extreme importance.

When you are using long tail keywords in your content on your website, you are already targeting users which know something about what they are in search of. This is quite important because website rankings of target specific websites making using of long tail keywords are generally quicker. They are even indexed faster.

You achieve website rankings faster by using long tail keywords because your competition is reduced for ranking which is generally more in case of shorter keywords. This simply means that website ranks faster when using long tail keywords.

So all you need to focus in the start is to have a well researched list of long tail keywords which are all ready to send big search traffic your way. And there is reason that you are not looking for keywords which are highly competitive.

If you are alive to observe the changes, you might have already noticed that search engines are more intelligent now and their focus is shifting towards question and answer format for search queries and their corresponding SERP pages. When a user enters a query in the search engine, it wants to return the best possible answer to the user’s question and not a list of websites with potential answers.

Such search engine formats are a departure away from catch-all and vague short tail keywords. As an example, people are searching for “home remedies for acne” instead of just “acne”. Search engines feel that the results originating from short tail keywords are too vague to satisfy user’s query and therefore we need to focus on long tail for improving website rankings fast.


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