How to Increase Website’s Google Ranking

google-rankingAfter you have successfully created your own website, the next big challenge is to bring visitors to that website because in the absence of traffic, the website will be of no monetary use to you. The main objective is to improve Google ranking of the website.

Google Search Engine has a complex algorithm to determine the website ranking in the search engine results. The details of the exact formula that is used to determine Google ranking is secret but there are certain known things which help improve position of your website in ranking. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the term used for this.

The SEO tips given below might not blow your website to the first number on website ranking but if implemented these will surely improve your ranking. The basic thing to keep in mind is that make a website which you yourself also will like to visit and Google ranking will just follow your website. If you try to game Google search engine then, you will end up losing your ranking some day when Google figures out and adjusts its algorithm to penalize gamers.

Stay away from all those services that promise to submit your websites to hundreds of search engines. These are just a waste of time and can in fact negatively affect your website ranking.

Keyword Research

Make keyword phrases to rank higher because using a single keyword can be highly competitive. Do not look like a spammer with overuse of keywords. Try to figure out what keyword phrase you will use to search for your own website. Also get help from friends in suggesting the keyword phrase to use for your website.

It is advisable that you focus on one subject and one keyword phrase per post or page. However, that does not mean that your content should have oddly repeating keyword phrases. Writing with clarity also gives you SEO boost.

Keyword Density

One of the most important factors in website ranking is the number of times a keyword phrase is used on page which is also called keyword density. Use the keyword naturally without spamming the page with overuse of it or by trying to trick Google ranking by using it “invisibly.” It is not a long term strategy and does not work now. Rather your website might end up in Google sandbox and get banned.

The first paragraph on the page should be strong with clearly announcing what your page is about. This not only lets your reader know what your page is all about but it also gives Search Engines an edge in understanding your page.

Give Titles to Your Pages

The Title attribute is one of the most important ranking factors. Google ranking results are in the form of links and no one would like to see an ‘Untitled’ page appearing in search results. Neither Google will let such a page appear there. It is also a good SEO practice to make use of keyword phrase in the Title of the page.

Links are SEO

The biggest factor in website ranking on Google is hyperlinks. Google carefully looks at the pages linking to and from your page. The words that are used in the link are also used to determine content of the page. Make use of keywords to link to page. Instead of using “here” to link, use the keyword as hyperlink. The Pagerank of your website is determined on the basis of links pointing to your page. Try to build your backlinks naturally. Banner exchanges and paid links are not effective anymore and are frowned upon by Google.

Social Networking

Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter are a good source of regular traffic to your website but with the possible exception of Google+, these do not affect website ranking.

Search Engine Friendly Images

The days of using a lot of flash on your pages are gone. Search engines have a tendency to skip flash content though people might like flashy content. Moreover, flash content is bad for mobile users because most smartphones do not display flash.

Always use an <alt> attribute for images used on your pages. This is helpful for visually impaired visitors and gives you the added benefit of using your keyword phrase for Google ranking.

Well Organized Design

Google ranking is generally higher for pages that are designed well and are well organized. And most popular pages are always designed well. And Google gives weightage to popular pages in website ranking. Design high quality websites and pages and SEO will take care of itself.


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