What Does SEO Stand For

Search Engine Optimization, is what SEO stands for. When in late nineties and just before the dawn of the new century the usage of web was new for us and we were timidly entering the web and it was like the wild-west, and gradually we are able to use it more meaningfully these days. Thanks to the SEO today we are easily finding the data that we require from the web. Now the question is what does SEO stand for? Is it just the short form for search engine optimization? No it is much more. 

 What Does SEO Stand for – Functions

 Whenever you enter a keyword in a search engine you get a list of web results which has your query word. It is normal that you will visit a website that is at the top of the list as you think those to be more relevant, and only if you are not satisfied will you then visit websites at the bottom of the list. The websites are listed in the first / top based on their popularity. So now you know what does SEO stand for.   

 What Does SEO stand for – Online Business Optimizer

 This is all about optimizing your business/ products online, and this what does SEO stand for in real. Without optimizing your business will not be seen by more people. SEO is a technique by which the search engines indentify you and rank your site higher; in their list based on the number of clicks you have received. Thus SEO helps you to get traffic through search engines.

what does seo stand for

 What does SEO Stand for – your web friend

 Every time you ask what does SEO stand for? The answer might vary as it is used differently for different businesses. Among a long list of tools and methods, one needs to carefully select the ones that work best, for your business. For more information you may visit this link http://www.webconfs.com/seo-tutorial/introduction-to-seo.php


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