What is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketingThere are many different ways to monetize your website or blog and one the most profitable ways is affiliate marketing. In case you do not now what is affiliate marketing, then this post will explain everything about it.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

The simplest explanation of what is affiliate marketing goes like this: This is a method of making money from your website or blog by promoting a product or service from another business.

There are different niceties of affiliate marketing but simply put, you as a publisher earn commission when someone follows a link to the product you are promoting from your website or blog and then buys that product or service. However, it is also possible that you may earn as an affiliate if the reader completes some action like completing a survey or subscribing with email.

The paid out commissions are generally a percentage of the sales but it is also possible to have a fixed payment of commission per action.

The advertiser tracks traffic being sent from your website by using a cookie and a link that is unique to you as a publisher.

Affiliate marketing is preferred by advertisers because they only pay advertising fee as commission only when an actual sale is made or an action is completed.

On the other hand publishers like affiliate marketing because it is possible to earn a lot more than pay per click or display advertising if the products they are promoting as an affiliate is related to their niche.

When does Affiliate Marketing Works Best?

There are many other ways to make money from your website or blog apart from affiliate marketing. The biggest reason affiliate marketing outperforms other forms of advertising is the element of trust between the publisher and the readers. If the trust level is high, the readers are most likely to buy the recommended product.

However, you need to tread a careful path in promoting affiliate products because one wrong and low quality affiliate product promotion can affect your brand and your trust negatively.

If Affiliate Marketing Suitable for All Sites?

No. Affiliate marketing is not for every type of website. There are certain topics on which you will find it difficult to find an affiliate product to promote. Similarly there are certain types of blogs whose readers are not in the buying frame of mind. Or even sometimes it does not math with the blogger’s style.

Now that you know what is affiliate marketing, probably it is time to find out some of the best affiliate marketing programs.

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