What is Linux ? 7 Reasons Linux is an impressive operating system

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Have you ever wondered what is Linux ?Linux (most common example of which is Ubuntu) is an impressive operating system for several reasons. It is not meant for everybody; however anyone that can do without the best and newest games will enjoy using it. One is not saying that you will never encounter problems while using Linux, but there is really no such thing as the ideal operating system. Below are some of the features that make Linux impressive.

A. Cost

The cost of acquiring Linux is really fantastic. Many people like getting things for free but some people believe that free stuff are usually of low quality. This is not always the case, for example, the majority of individuals who use Windows will agree that Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are very good browsers. These web browsers are absolutely free. Just because they are free software does not mean they were made by inexperienced developers.

B. Software Management

Ubuntu’s software management capability is second to none. This feature is particularly useful as regards updates. If you want to update Windows operating system, you may have to use your whole day to do that, and apart from having to visit Windows Updates, you still need to go to the websites of all the other software installed on your system. An update system might be built into some of the programs, however , it is always more convenient to get everything updated at once in a single location.This is only possible when you know what is Linux ? Also you can install all the software from the same location. Any time you take the decision to get another program for monitoring your bank account, all you have to do is open the favorite package manager then install it from that location.

C. Options

Linux users have several options and choices simply because it is open source. People who prefer simple may be overwhelmed by the huge number of options they have, but it is always a good thing to have options. A user can enjoy Ubuntu’s default collection of software by downloading and installing the newest release from Ubuntu’s website. But you can explore further and change practically everything. You can change just about anything you feel like changing- from the email client to the desktop environment, the choices are there. Even your default file manager can be change, which is not possible in Windows. Windows explorer is the only file manager you can use in Windows. Linux users can make use of its default file manager, and Nautilus in itself is a fine file manager, but they have the option of installing something else such as Marlin and make it the default file organizer. It is as easy as that.

D. Customizing

The ability to customize things when the defaults are not appealing to you is great. Almost all features of Linux can be altered as stated earlier. You can achieve this through software change, widgets, color schemes, themes or by any other means. Most customizations are not difficult to do, however because the newest editions of Nautilus and Gnome are still very young, a number of options are not yet supported. On the whole, if you come across something you do not like, you can easily change it to something you like. If you truly know what is Linux , you will customize it as much as you can.

E. Support

Different things come to people’s mind when they hear the word “support”. Some believe that support means where to go when you need help, while others think it is which appliance will work with the operating system. All these ideas of support are correct, and the support system in Linux is very good. With Linux getting help is very easy. When you need assistance, there are several chat rooms and forums that can be of help to you. The best place you can get assistance with anything that has to do with Ubuntu, its software and its derivatives is arguably Ubuntu Forums. If you prefer a forum that is more generalized, you should try LinuxQuestions.org.

Dealing with the issue of hardware support is somewhat complex from either the developer’s or user’s perspective. A number of hardware makers support Linux, while Linux supports some hardware. Some other ways are used to handle any hardware that is not supported in either way. Linux has a very large community. What this means is that there is no existing hardware that is not already being handled by either a Linux developer or user. If there is no support for the hardware, it is most likely that someone in some part of the world is already working on it. Someone is almost certainly working on making a hardware that is already supported easier to use, regardless of how well the hardware already works. The objective is to ensure that everything functions, and to simply the process of using any hardware. That objective appears to be a dignified one, particularly when it is so difficult to make some hardware function. This is the time when we appreciate the power of what is Linux .

F. Dealing with Bugs And Issues

Bug handling can be considered an aspect of support; however it is big enough to be discussed separately. A bug report can be filed in several ways. There is even an internal bug reporting in Ubuntu. When a user encounters a problem while using the software, he or she can send a bug report, once the problem has been verified a developer will be given the responsibility of correcting the problem in the software’s next release.

Users can also make use of feature suggestions. There is usually a method to offer ideas for making the majority of open source software better. A user is the best person that can say what his or her desires and needs are, therefore if you think the software you use is lacking something, offer your idea on how it can be improved. This is an excellent method for developers to find out what should be added to the software they produce, and they enjoy getting that sort of feedback.

G. Community

As stated earlier, Linux has a huge community and that that community appreciates what is Linux and what power it offers. Sometimes you will find more than one thousand users online in Ubuntu chat room. These individuals came to the chat room to give or get assistance or simply to discuss things that has to do with Ubuntu. Additionally, Linux User Groups exist in all parts of the world. Chances are that one is very close to you, or if you like you can start your own group. With the way the Internet functions, you will not find it difficult setting up a group for your locality, host install parties, chat rooms, create forums, organize meetings, and more. If your group is verified, you may even be given discounted or free things from several locations to help advance open source software particularly Linux.

You will also find several blogs that publish write-ups to give you assistance. It is common for users to find the solution to a problem they may have from a blog that was listed in the search results of a search engine like Google. Most users of open source software are willing to share their knowledge and time with other people.


Linux has some great features. Apart from Ubuntu, several other distributions offer lots of great stuff. Many people really like the idea of open source software, also developers offer their time free of charge to improve it. On the whole, what is Linux today it is because of its huge community. Linux will definitely continue to improve as its community continues to grow.

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