What is Shared Hosting – Why You Should Start With This

what is shared hosting

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While looking for web hosting for your website, you might already have heard the term shared hosting and looking to know more ab out what is shared hosting.

What is shared hosting

Shared hosting is defined as the type of web hosting in which multiple users share a single server for hosting their websites. Though they have their allocated quotas of disk space, bandwidth, databases, domains, emails etc, but they are effectively sharing the same physical machine, processor, storage, RAM, database and email server etc. The main driving factor for shared hosting is the reduced costs for the web hosting providers which are translated into lower web hosting prices for the end users.

Advantages of Shared Hosting

There are mainly two advantages of shared hosting. The first advantage what defines what is shared hosting is the lower prices which is a factor that sometimes is the deciding factor for all beginners. For most of the people, the price advantage outweighs all the disadvantages associated with shared hosting.

The second advantage of shared hosting is even more important because with shared hosting you do not have to worry about the Linux administration or web server administration including security because this is the responsibility of the web hosting company. Since this is a highly technical job and most of the users do not have any knowledge about system administration, therefore, this is a big advantage of shared hosting that they do not have to worry about the web server and all other scripts and applications that are installed.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

The first disadvantage of shared hosting is that you are sharing the physical server with many other users and if one of the users abuses the server, its effect is translated to all accounts on the shared hosting server. Even though there are restrictions are in place for every user but still any abrupt spikes in processing, memory usage or email applications might slow down your website or make it unavailable and this is a very big potential disadvantage of what is shared hosting.

Another disadvantage of shared hosting is that you do not have the liberty to install the applications or scripts of your choice. Therefore, if you might need a specific application on the server, you do not have the privileges to install it yourself and the web host might also not want to install it if it is not demanded by many other users.

However, keeping in view the above advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting, it is still the hosting of choice of almost 90 percent users because of the ease and low pricing.

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