What is WordPress and How it Works (a Layman’s Guide)

One of the most widely asked questions is ‘what is WordPress’. Simply put WordPress is a web based software which anyone can use for creating blogs. It is the most popular and simplest blogging tool. But simplicity does not mean it is not powerful. Technically speaking it is based on PHP and powered by mySQL database. And simply speaking it makes creating blogs (websites) a piece of cake. 


Brief History

WordPress was first released on May 27, 2003 by founders Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Currently its 3.8 version is being used and this version has been used more than 20 million times so far. WordPress is currently the most popular blogging tool and powers more than 60 million websites on internet. According to WikiPedia around 2o percent of the top 10 million internet websites use WordPress. 

More Than a Blogging Tool

WordPress is not just a blogging tool. It offers a lot more than this because it is a powerful content management system too. Many of the world’s top websites like TechCrunch, Mashable, New York Times Blogs and CNN blogs use WordPress because of this power. If you would want to know which top sites are powered by WordPress, you can head over to WordPress site showcase which has listed the world’s most popular websites running WordPress. 

Open Source Power

WordPress is open source software and thousands of contributors around the world, some of whom are the best programmers in the world, contribute to its evolution and further development. This free team of developers ensure that WordPress remains the best blogging platform. This also means that any reported bugs or security issues are resolved by this open source team. 

How WordPress Works

WordPress is built around a core and themes and plugins. Because there are thousands of WordPress themes, it is possible to change the appearance of your website with a click. With the power of free plugins, you can also extend the features of your WordPress website without writing a single piece of code and with a few clicks. Once installed the end user finds it really easy to write content on website and it is a child’s play to keep updating website with WordPress. 

Why Choose WordPress

Now that we have discussed what is WordPress, below we summarize the reasons why you should be using WordPress: 

  • Since WordPress is totally free and open source, hundreds of developers are continuously evolving and updating it
  • It is user-friendly, therefore, you do not have to pay hundreds or thousands to dollars to webmasters. It is also easy to create a site with WordPress and updating is also very easy without learning any programming languages. 
  • WordPress is the most flexible and extensible tool, thanks to WordPress themes and plugins. It is possible to change the entire look of your website in minutes and adding new features to your website is a few clicks away.
  • Getting support is really easy because hundreds of thousands of WordPress webmasters are helping each other in community spirit. It is also possible to find many WordPress tutorials online. 
  • WordPress has many built-in SEO friendly features and is in full compliance with W3C standards. There are also some excellent W0rdPress SEO plugins which can further improve SEO. 
  • With WordPress you are in full control of your content and not at the mercy of blogging platforms terms and policies. You can import and export your content at will. 

After knowing what is WordPress and its power, it is time you started your first WordPress site and feel its magic in action. 

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