What is WordPress? What is WordPress Used for? Building WordPress Websites!

what is wordpressWordPress is a web based software which is free and used for building and maintaining blogs and websites. If you are thinking of starting a website of your own, you surely should learn about what is WordPress  Because once you know what is WordPress and what it can do for you , you will never think of making website without anything else because WordPress will save you tons of time and money.

Initially WordPress was made by a few individuals to be used as a blogging tool. But with the support of a huge “”open source” community of programmers, WordPress has evolved into a powerful website building tool. Thousands of programmers from all over the world work to keep it improving and evolving and secure. If you find out the answer of what is WordPress today, you will soon know that it is now a powerful content management system which can be used to create beautiful, engaging, and feature rich dynamic websites without even writing a single piece of code.

Here are the four main reasons that should give you enough motivation to use WordPress for your personal or business websites. These reasons also indirectly answer all of your questions relating to what is WordPress.

1. Theme Based Designs

The first answer to what is WordPress question is its theme based designs. The look and feel of WordPress is based on theme based designs. The themes can be easily modified to get the exact look and feel of the website you want for yourself. Thousands of professionally designed free WordPress themes are available. If you want to get a bit more professional, many premium paid WordPress themes are also available which can be installed in a few clicks without the need to write any code.

2. Update WordPress Website from Browser

This answer to the what is WordPress question must be a delight to non coders. No coding , HTML, database or PHP knowledge is required to maintain and update WordPress based websites. You can write and edit posts in a browser based easy to use editor. The interface of the editor is similar to Microsoft Word. It is even simpler than that. All you need is an internet access to create and update your posts on your websites anytime of the day.

3. Adding Fresh Content is Easy

This is another valid answer to what is wordpress question. The blogging platform of WordPress allows you to keep adding fresh content from the browser based editor. The fresh content is loved by search engines and humans alike. People can follow your rss feeds and respond to your content by commenting on your posts and you can reply them. You can use the free plugins from the plugin directory of WordPress to make your WordPress blog more social and literally get any feature from it as per your website needs. If you still have not got the answer to your question of ‘what is WordPress , then read on the fourth reason.

4. Search Engine and Social Media Friendly Websites

The final answer to the question of what is WordPress is its social media and search engine friendliness. The websites based on WordPress are search engine optimized already but WordPress also offers some great search engine optimization features as well to further enhance your web presence. You can install social media plugins to make your WordPress website social. Numerous plugins are available to help you further augment SEO of your website. And the best thing is all these can be achieved without writing a single piece of code and no programming skills are required to make and maintain a powerful and beautiful WordPress based website.

I am sure by now you would have got answer to what is WordPress question. Therefore start building your website with WordPress now.


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