What Makes a Good Website That Visitors Fall in Love With

what-makes-a-good-websiteIf you are planning on creating a new website or you already have a website, then it is very important to understand what makes a good website. Because if your website is not good enough, it can severly impact your business prospects. Rather a poorly built and unattractive website is more likely to hurt your business that helping it grow. In this small article we are going to learn different aspects which contribule towards making a website successful.

Key Factors of an Effective Website

A good website will ensure to take care of the following features.

1. Visual Appearance

2. Website Copy

3. Website Usability

4. Search Engine Optimization

Visual Appearance

The first look of a good website must be professional and appealing. Since a website is reflective of your business, you should treat it as the first impression of your business which of course you will like to leave the best one on the visitor.

The website should make good use of colors. It should focus on 2 or 3 primary colors and all colors should blend across each other in an impressive tone. Any website that is overdone with colors is a distraction. The font to be used should be easy to read. Black font with white background is preferred but as long as you can keep a good contrast without straining the eyes of the readers, any color combination is acceptable. The fize of the font should be at least 10.

The next important thing to keep in mind regarding what makes a good website is to make effective use of graphics. However, it is not advised to present more than 4 images on a page.

Beauty lies in simplicity. There should be enough white space on the web page without unnecessary clutter because only then the reader will be able to focus on your message.

Website Copy

Content on a website is the actual subtance of a website, therefore, you should give it the highest priority and consideration. The content presented on the website should be relevant and informative. Visitors attention time on a webpage is less than ten seconds. You should use organized and short copy without boring your visitors with overwhelming amount of text.

Keep updating your content regularly. Stale and outdated content will mean your visitors will be less likely to return again to your website. Try to write content by using the word You and avoding I, us and we. If you are not an expert writer yourself, hiring a writer for your website is the best decision you can make. And above all the content should be error free.

Website Usability

This is an area which is often overlooked by website developers. However, this is a critical element of what makes a good website. Your website should be simple and well organized. Website speed should be your highest priority. Ideally a webpage should not take more than 5 seconds to load because otherwise more than half of your visitors will click away.

The layout of the website should be consistent across the website. Do not use a lot of scroll, especially on the main page. Create links to point to other topics.

Navigation on a good website is always prominent and at the top of the website. The Menu items should be limited below 10. Create your menu in such a way that your users should not be hunting for information because they are always in a hurry.

Links that are used in the copy should be descriptive to give an idea to the user about what the linked content is about. These descriptive links are also loved by search engines.

And one key element of what makes a good website is its cross browser compatibility. Test your website on different browsers to ensure that your content is displayed correctly on all of the popular web browsers.

And of course in this age of mobile computing where users are increasing shifting to smartphones and tablets, no sensible web designer can ignore the need for responsive websites where the website is displayed correctly even if the screen size changes.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a very detailed area and it is not possible to cover all the aspects of search engine optimization for your website but the below given SEO factors are really important in what makes a good website.

Try to make minimum use of JavaScript, Flash or image only navigation and make maximum use of written copy in HTML format. Use proper keyword density for your important keywords across your website. Use CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in place of tables for layouts.

In this article we have covered in broad terms what makes a website most effective. But if you follow these general directions you are already following the most important elements of what makes a good website.

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