What Makes Aweber a Top Choice for Email Marketing

AWeber-ReviewOne of the most important assets of your online business empire is your email list. An email list can be used to promote affiliate products and services. It can also be used for sharing advanced information about product launches of yours.

The email list can bring you loads of money if you learn how to use it correctly. But it is important to choose the right mailing service because connecting with your readers is dependent on this vital service.

If you start with an email marketing service and figure out later that it does not work well, then you will have to spend many hours and energy to transfer your list to the other service provider. And this hassle can be avoided by all means if you select a reliable mailing list provider like Aweber right from the start.

Aweber is included among the most popular email marketing services and there are good reasons for this. Sign up process is easy and hassle free and you can start building your list within minutes. It allows you to set up an autoresponder series, action based trigger campaigns which send automated emails on certain actions on behalf of the visitor, e.g a purchase. It also supports sending RSS to email.

These features make it easier for you the list owner to interact with your list on regular basis without being overwhelmed by technicalities. One main reason for popularity of Aweber is its ease of use for the newbies.

Aweber has professionally created webinars which you can watch and learn how to send your first email, how to make use of social media marketing with email marketing and the details about email analytics. It is also possible to ask questions from the support staff at the webinars.

Aweber also supports split testing of email campaigns. By using split testing you can compare the effectiveness of different subject lines. Such a service is also known as A/B testing.

You write an email with one subject line to your list and send it to the half of the list. Then you tweak the subject line and send it to the other half of the list. For example, your subject line in the first case might be ” Our Newest Weight Loss Guide.” And for the second half you can edit and change the subject line to “Get Your Free Weight Loss Guide Now – Limited Time offer.”

There are two campaigns now and from email analytics you can compare which subject line has higher CTR rates and more open rate. Designing your emails is also very easy with Aweber.

There are different ready to use templates available and new ones can be created by using the newbie friendly drag and drop editor. Images can also be included in the emails and HTML versions of the newsletter can also be sent.

Aweber also supports the feature by which you can personalize your email messages sent to your client. For that you need to collect the first names along with email address of your email list subscribers and then in subsequent emails you can greet the subscribers by name.

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