Which Keyword Research Tools are Best

keyword research toolsWhen you are writing content for your website, you will be up against those websites which are focusing on SEO aspects. It is an established fact that with good SEO, your website can rank higher in the search engines. One of the most important factors in writing content that ranks in search engines is that it should be based on proper keyword research. This essentially means that the keywords targeted in the website content should be easy to rank and must have good traffic volume.

It is not possible to do all this keyword research manually. It will be too boring, difficult and time consuming. This is where keyword tools help. These keyword research tools take away the boring work out of your keyword research and even do some of the intelligence requiring part too. By using these keyword research tools, you can save a lot of your time and effort which you can use elsewhere for promoting your website.

Which Keyword Tools are Best?

There are countless software available that are marketed as keyword research tools. Some of these software also perform other tasks too and keyword research is just one module of these software. However, some of these are focused on just this aspect. Given below are 5 best keyword tools that you can use to find keywords that will be easier to rank in the search engines with high search engine traffic.

Google Keyword Planner

This comes from Google itself, therefore, it is based on Google search data which means it is most reliable of the options. Google Keyword Planner is now only part of Google Adwords Account. You can open a free Google Adwords account. Most of the other keyword research tools make use of Google Adwords data for their analytics.

Long Tail Pro

This is a keyword tool that focuses on finding long tail keywords which are easier to rank due to less competition. It is always advisable to start with long tail keywords and then gradually target short tail keywords. This is also a paid keyword research tool.


This is a free tool which has very high rating. It basically scraps results from Google Suggest for a keyword and presents it to the user at one place.

Market Samurai

This is another tool which has a very strong keyword research module. It basically imports data from Google Keyword Planner and then filters the results based on different SEO criteria. Keyword research module is free to use. Some of the other modules are paid services.


This is a comprehensive SEO tool but provides very comprehensive keyword research data which is sometimes even more precise than Google Keyword Planner. It is a paid keyword research tool.

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