Why 99 Percent Internet Marketers Fail Even After a Decade

There is a very high failure rate in online marketing  and the biggest reason for that is lack of focus on one thing at a time. Most internet marketers start with one thing, quickly switch over to another and at a time are trying to achieve hundreds of different things. One day they start blogging, then they switch over to domain flipping, next they move to YouTube video marketing and then comes Kindle publishing and affiliate marketing and so on. And while doing all this, they have already been in the internet business for a decade and have not been able to earn any significant money.

Here are the five important things that you should stick to initially if you want to ensure that you get any kind of significant success in internet marketing. These are the things which gets vouch from even the most successful millionaire internet marketers:

  1. The first thing you need to make sure is that you stick to one niche. Do a lot of research in selecting your niche (demographics) and then give your one hundred percent focus and attention to that niche without wandering to every other niche under the planet. You first need to get one niche to work and only then you can go to another one. By going to tons of these simultaneously, you will not be able to nail any of these.
  2. Decide to have a free product to give away on a squeeze page in exchange for people’s email addresses. Building your list is the only reliable method of long terms success.
  3. Then you need to drive visitors to that squeeze page. The traffic has to be quality traffic and not crap traffic. Solo ads are most of the time sent to overexposed lists, therefore, the traffic is hardly of good quality. PPC traffic is highly targeted and quality traffic. But there might be chances of fake paid clicks. However, out of all the available paid traffic options, PPC is best.
  4. Build honest relationship with your list. Manage it big time. Make them trust you and make them wait for your emails. And that can only be done with quality email marketing. Emails that deliver value and are not spammy and overmarketing.
  5. Establish your brand with your presence everywhere be it social media, forums, online and offline. Establish your presence.

If you do not focus on these five things initially, you might as well be on way to wasting another decade trying to figure out what works in internet marketing. This is the only long term online business that guarantees success. It takes time. But it is the shortest possible sure path. And if we can say anything in one sentence that will be : Pick only one niche, focus on it, build a list and until you have done that, forget everything else.

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