Why Get Web Hosting When you Can Host Free Blogs

Many beginning internet marketers do not easily get that the online presence of the websites has to it more than just buying a domain. So key keep on asking the question: why get web hosting? If you are not having any web site hosting, the domain name you bought will not do anything. Buying a web hosting account is as important and essential as getting a domain name. 

All domain names direct to a web host, which is the place where the real files of your blog or web site reside. Without having a web hosting account, your domain name will never be able to load any pages of your website and the visitors of your website will not be able to see anything or buy anything from your website – simply because your website will not be there.

why get web hosting

Consider that web servers are the virtual place and the web hosting is the way to get to that virtual land. If we get more technical, it means that web hosting is a kind of service which provides you with physical storage of your web files and pages ( in simple words blogs and websites). Web Servers are those physical computer which are key for providing World Wide Web access on the internet. 

What is 3rd Party Blog Hosting?

Most of the blogging platforms you have heard of like blogspot, wordpress and tumblr are making use of 3rd party hosting. Why these services are free? Simply because they practically own your blog and you have just borrowed some place for free to host your blog on their server. This is like crashing a couch of your friend – he may either welcome you or he may just give you a kick anytime. These 3rd party hosting services are free and are most of the time very easy to use because you are just focusing on developing your blog and not the underlying hosting. 

These often are limited in their capabilities and have frequent downtime. And the most scary thing is that these can simply Delete your blog without giving you any prior notice. This kind of web hosting is for amateur bloggers. If you are serious about making money on internet, you are not advised to follow this route. And this explains the question of why get web hosting?


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