Why PayPal Blocked Wikileaks Payments

When Osama Bedier , VP of PayPal,  came on stage at LeWeb 10 , the first question he encountered was that why Paypal had blocked wikileaks payments and why it had frozeWikileaks account. Bedier answered that PayPal had complied with a US government request that service should be denied to WikiLeaks.

PayPal employee shtuttlephoto © 2007 Richard Masoner | more info (via: Wylio)

Bedier also based his defense on a letter that the US State Department had written to WikiLeaks on 27th November in which it had termed WikiLeaks as illegal . It is however not clear as of yet that what laws have been broken by WikiLeaks.

Bedier was also asked that if they feared that PayPal may also face retaliation like Mastercard.com did when it froze WikiLeaks payments and accounts. He replied that if it happens , it will only be an indication that PayPal is a successful company.

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