Why Use Long Tail Pro For Keywords Research

long tail keywordsYou must have heard it very often that the foundation of a successful website online that ranks high in search engines is the solid keyword research. If you do this first step wrong, you will be wasting hours and hours of your time, money and energy on a wrong foundation and naturally you will not be getting the kinds of results you had hoped for. For this situation a tool like Long Tail Pro that finds long tail keywords can be really helpful.

Why Keyword Research is important?

As i said above, keyword research is the first building block of your online success. The main reason being that most of the people search their information through search engines like Google, where they type in their keywords/phrases that they need information about. If you write content about keywords that no body is searching for, then you will be creating content that nobody is likely to find. By finding the right keywords related to your niche, you ensure that you are not working in the dark and k now exactly what visitors you are targeting. This search engine traffic is called organic traffic and it is free.

Finding the Long tail Keywords

There are two types of keywords. Short tail and long tail keywords. For example, you might target a keyword like ‘weight loss’ which is a short tail keyword. And you can also target a keyword like ‘best home remedies for fast weight loss’ which is a long tail keyword. When it comes to finding keywords to target, there is a known secret that you would want to target long tail keywords¬† for best results for two reasons.

  • The traffic from short tail keywords is not targeted enough. For example a user searching for ‘cars’ might be interesting in cars pictures and not in buying cars. So you are not sure what the user is looking for. Such visitors do not convert well because your content might not be targeted enough for they are looking for.
  • And it is insanely difficult to rank for these short tail keywords too because big brands and established authority sites are already ranking for these short tail keywords. And you can not match their backlink profiles quickly when starting out. So it is not possible to rank out these established sites.

Which Keyword Research Tools to Use

There are different tools that you can use to find long tail keywords. A few of these are listed below:

Almost all the long tail keywords tools use Google Keyword Planner data at the back end. Google has a Keyword Planner tool for helping its advertisers for targeting keywords. However, webmasters have long been using this tool for finding long tail keywords. However, one issue with Google Keyword Planner is that it does not have filters to work on the generated keywords list for advanced targeting and filtering. Tools like UberSuggest harvest the data from Google Suggest. These are the keywords that Google autofills when a user types in the seed keyword. However, Ubersuggest does not give any idea about the search volume, keyword competitiveness etc.

Why Long Tail Pro is Better?

Market Samurai and Long Tail Pro are two long tail keywords research tools that are based on Google Keyword Planner. They both get their data from Google Keyword Planner and then allow the user to apply multiple filters to weed out unwanted keywords which means you can get more focused keywords. Both these tools also provide additional features like finding search engine competition for a long tail keyword, the domain availability etc.

Personally I like Long Tail Pro over Market Samurai for the reason that it is more user friendly and easier to use, even for the newbies. The interface is simple and you can find the long tail keywords with Long Tail Pro more easily than in case of Market Samurai.

Key Features of Long Tail Pro

My love for Long Tail Pro is based on the following features that save me hours and hours of time when finding long tail keywords.

  • You can pre-define the filters when you add¬† a seed keyword, so the results you get are as per your defined criteria. The filters that are available are
    • Minimum local search volume for a keyword
    • Minimum or maximum number of words in a keyword phrase
    • Domain availability
    • Minimum global search volume
    • Google search title competition
    • Bing search title competition

My favorite filters are where i define the minimum search volume to target and the minimum number of words in a long tail keyword. This reduces the clutter and Long Tail Pro comes up with highly targeted and easy to rank keywords which i further analyze for their competitiveness and ease of ranking. The keyword competitiveness feature is only available in Long Tail Pro Platinum. But you can get a basic idea about a keyword competitiveness even with Long Tail Pro from the search engine title competition feature.

Long Tail Pro or Long Tail Pro Platinum?

I would recommend that you start with Long Tail Pro because it does not come with any monthly fee and it still provides all the features that are needed for an effective long tail keyword research. And if you feel the need to have the following extra features provided in Long Tail Platinum Pro, you can always upgrade later.

  • Calculate keyword competitiveness
  • Saving your favorite keywords
  • Import list of keywords

In conclusion, you do not want to start with the wrong foundation, therefore, targeting the right long tail keywords is of extreme importance and a tool like Long Tail Pro takes out the hard work out of finding these niche targeted keywords. I personally use this for finding golden keywords and this is definitely my selection as the best out of all keyword research tools. Once you start using it, you will soon discover targeted traffic, leads and buyers, repeatable success, scalable growth and with enough time to focus on things other than keyword research.

Here is a brief video introduction to Long Tail Pro:


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