Why Web Hosting is Important? Critical Factors

If you are tired of your job or you are simply jobless, one of the things you can try to do is to set up your own internet business. This stay-at-home business has helped many a hopeless people earn millions of dollars. However, any internet marketing business can not be started without a good website. You may start but you will not reach anywhere in the end. 

why is web hosting important

Many new internet business entrepreneurs ask the question that why web hosting is important if they can host their web site free as a blog on Wrodpress.com or Blogger. Another category is of those people who are convinced that they need web hosting but they want answer to the question of why web hosting is important?

The Importance of Web Hosting

For the first category, i will say that web hosting is important because even in case of your Blogs or Squido Lenses or other blogging platforms, web hosting is still there but it is just being paid for and managed by the blogging platform itself and you are just there to create content without worrying about web hosting. 

This sounds very easy but it has its disadvantages:

  • You are left at the mercy of the blogging platform Terms of service and one sweet day , they might just wipe your website off the face of internet without even contacting you first. In case of your own web hosting you will be in charge of things and have control of your website in true sense.
  • When you are not having any web hosting of your own, you simply can not correct things when these go wrong. There is no support etc to take you through all through the trouble. 

For the second category web hosting is important because when you are choosing a web host, you need to ensure that you make the right choice. This is critical because if you choose a wrong web host, your website will have many issues: 

  • It may have excessive downtime which will directly affect your business opportunities
  • You may be hosted along with other porn and shitty websites, which will affect your search engine ranking
  • Your web host may be a seasonal web host and may just disappear one summer vacation day
  • Your web host may not be professional enough to provide support for the problems and issues. 
  • The website may have slow speed which will not only turn away your customers but also affect your search engine positions.

There are many other factors too related to why web hosting is important. But the above factors should give you an idea about why it is so important a thing in your internet marketing strategy. 

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