Why You Should Use a VPN

vpn-why-needYou might be aware of what a VPN stands for but there are big chances that you are not using a VPN. The fact of the matter is that you should start using a VPN and if you do not at some time into future you will be left with no option but to start using a VPN. In fact it will be soon become as important as the internet connection you use.

Why You Should Use a VPN

The first and foremost thing you should remember about VPN is that it secures the internet connection of yours which it achieves by ensuring that all the data going out of your computer and coming in to your computer is in encrypted form and not readable to people who are after it.  Regardless of the type of VPN you are using , all of them are doing the same thing essentially. It does not matter if you are using VPN to connect to your school network, working on your business networked computers or watching your favorite TV shows back home from another country, the basic idea behind a VPN is same.

How You Can Benefit From a VPN

In its simple form a VPN is a networking solution to enhance your security and enable you to gain access to resources on the network where you are not physically present. However, what benefits you extract out of this technical capability is altogether a different thing. Mostly VPN is used in the following ways:

  • When you are a Student or a business worker, you use VPN to gain connectivity to the school or company network to perform your work when you are away from school or you are travelling. Mostly students and business workers have been provided with a free VPN service configured and maintained by the IT wing. Such persons can always fire up their company or school VPN when they are travelling or are at a public open wi-fi connection to enhance their security.
  • If you are a crazy downloader of stuff from the internet, be it legal or illegal, you would never want to be on the hit list of companies pursuing people on copyright infringement charges. VPN comes to the rescue in such situations. In fact it is the only safe way of securely using torrent clients like BitTorrent and uTorrent. It is always good to be safe rather than defending yourself in courts of law and attracting crazy fines.
  • Another type of persons is security and privacy conscious . He uses VPN to keep his communications on the internet secure and encrypted , be it at home or their workplace or abroad. VPN is a blessing in environments where strict monitoring of internet activities is carried out.
  • Another person who can benefit from a VPN is a frequent traveller. Such person wants access to IP and country restricted content ( radio, TV and live broadcasts, YouTube, Hulu ) as soon as it is happening and being broadcast. It is also beneficial if this person wants to use a new web service which is country restricted or region restricted.
  • Even if you are not counting yourself in any of the above categories, there are good chances that you might be doing a mix of the above activities. A VPN will come to your rescue, be it protecting your communication on internet, transmitting private data relating to your job or be safe from MPAA.

Even if you feel that none of the above you would still benefit from using a VPN service. You should essentially use it when you are on an untrusted network, which is a network which you do not manage yourself or do not trust the person who manages it. Examples of such networks are open wi-fi hotspots at airports and coffee shops. You might rue yourself after checking your Facebook or email at such spots without the protection of a VPN.

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