With A Read Later Android App You Can Save Information You Intend To Read Later

'Instapaper' photo (c) 2010, Johan Larsson - license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/Each day people are inundated with lots of information. Even though most of the details will be of little interest to you, you may actually want to read some of the things you see on the web but you simply do not have the time to do so that very moment. With a read later android app, you  will be able to store the information so that you can read it later.

If you make use of Android devices, it is most likely that you have used Google Reader at one time or the other to gather the information you need. Even though a number of good options exist for sharing interesting write-ups, the tools for organizing the articles you save are quite few. One other very popular app people use to save URLs they want to read later is Instapaper, but at the moment, no official Android app exists.

So what is the solution?

Presented below are a few Android apps that can be used to save write-ups for later reading. The majority of these apps will work with Instapaper or Google Reader.

A. Instapaper Read Later

This is an easy to use Instapaper application. While navigating the internet or Google Reader using your Android device, if you come across a write-up you would like to store for later, one of the options you have to accomplish that is Instapaper Read Later. This app is some kind of bookmarklet for Android.  It does not let you view the write-ups you have saved.

B. InstFetch

If what you are searching for is where you will be able to save and access what you have saved, then you need InstaFetch. Apart from letting you save URLs, it will let you read the piece of writing and like it, or archive it. It will even let you send the article to Evernnote if you have the pro edition.

C. PaperSpan

This is not an app for saving information on some other web application, it is actually a service of its own. PaperSpan is different from the majority of the other apps because it has an option that lets you create an offline edition of the URL. You will enjoy using this feature if you are on a restricted data plan or you use WiFi only devices.

D. Power Note

This is the certified Diigo app for Android. Diigo also provides users with a read later alternative any time users save a URL, even though Diigo is basically a bookmarking website. An entire column is dedicated for these URLs, in the Android application.

One more nice feature offered by PowerNote is the choice to get other notes uploaded. You can compose text notes with your voice, store text notes, snapshots and images.

Wrapping up

Whether you already save the URLs you intend to read later with a web-based tool or you plan to start soon, you will definitely find some of the tools mentioned here useful. The read later android app you choose will depend on your preferences.

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