WordPress Admin Login

wordpress-admin-loginWordPress is the most popular free and open source  blogging tool being used on the internet. It has over 65 million downloads. WordPress is a potential platform and comes with an amazing set of features to make user’s blogging and publishing  experience easy, enjoyable and interesting.

WordPress Admin Login:

After installation of WordPress, WordPress admin login is required for the WordPress administration area called “Dashboard” from where user can write posts and articles, manage themes and audience and browse all the other various features.

WordPress is user-friendly and has a quick and simple WordPress admin login process. The admin login procedure consists of following steps:

Steps to logging in WordPress Admin:

  1. WordPress admin login screen:

The WordPress admin login page can be accessed by entering the user domain name and adding “/WP-login. PHP” to the end of the website address (i.e. http://www.yourdomainnanme.com/wp-login.php).

  1. Username and Password:

When the user opens a WordPress admin login screen it presents two fields, one is for the username and other one is for the  password. While entering username and password, the user must make sure that Caps-lock is off as the information is case-sensitive.

  1. ‘Remember Me’ option:

Below Username and Password field is the ‘Remember me’ selection option.

This option enables WordPress to remember user login credentials for logging in the next time.  However, users should select this option only for personal computer(s) and should avoid it for public computers considering security reasons.

  1.  ‘Login’ Button:

After the user login information has been entered click ‘Login’ Button to proceed to the WordPress admin area.

By completing the WordPress admin login steps defined above user is successfully logged in to the WordPress administration screen called “Dashboard”. It is a collection of information and data about the activities and actions on WordPress sites. This is where the user can organize the blog. It presents a neat summary of internal (user blog) and external (WP news) WordPress information.

The Username and Password that are to be entered on WordPress admin login screen will be something user created when initially installing WordPress to hosting account and should be independent from user’s hosting provider’s main account login information and/or general hosting Username and Password. Furthermore, user login credentials will also most likely be (and should be for security reasons) different than the database Username and Password  created when completing the installation to user hosting account.







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