WordPress Admin Role and Capabilities

wordpress-adminWordPress is a free an open source blogging tool which is the most popular blogging tool being used on the internet. It has over 65 million downloads. WordPress has been designed in such a way that the blog owner can manage and allow what users can access on the blog.

WordPress has five pre-defined roles:

  • Administrator
  • Editor
  • Author
  • Contributor
  • Subscriber

Each role has a set of pre-defined capabilities that they can perform. Only the WordPress admin can perform all capabilities and all the other roles are limited to a set of capabilities.

WordPress Admin role:

There are two types of WordPress admins:

  • Super Admin: The super admin has, by default, all the capabilities.
  • Admin: The WordPress admin has access to all capabilities except of the multisite capabilities and some of the additional capabilities.


Super Admin:

The basic job of super admin is to manage the blog network controlling the entire network. Other than that, the super admin can create a network. The network admin link is only visible after a network has been created by the super admin. On the network admin link, the super admin can perform the following capabilities:

  • manage_network:  The manage network option lets the super admin allow users to update their networks
  • manage_sites : The manage network option lets the super admin allow users to add, edit, delete, archive/unarchive, activate/deactivate and spam/Unspam new site/blog in the network
  • manage_network_users : This option lets the super admin to manage users over the network.
  • manage_network_themes: This option lets the super admin to manage themes over the network.
  • manage_network_options This option lets the super Admin update the  network or change the crucial settings of the network for a particular role or a set of roles.


WordPress Admin:

The WordPress admin has the following capabilities:

  • Activate plugins : Plugins are new features that don’t come with the standardized installation of WordPress. Hey help greatly in customizing the blog. A Wordpess admin can activate any required plugin.
  • Create users : This option creates new users
  • Delete others pages: This option deletes user’s pages
  • Delete others posts: This option deletes user’s posts
  • Delete pages: This option deletes any specific page or batch of pages.
  • Delete plugins: Any activated plugin can be deactivated using this option
  • Delete posts
  • Delete private pages
  • Delete private posts
  • Delete published pages
  • Delete published posts
  • Delete users: This option deletes user accounts
  • Edit dashboard
  • Edit files: Uploaded files can be edited
  • Edit others pages
  • Edit others posts
  • Edit pages
  • Edit posts
  • Edit private pages
  • Edit private posts
  • Edit published pages
  • Edit published posts
  • Edit theme options
  • Export
  • Import
  • List users: lists the total number of the users on the blog
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage links
  • Manage options
  • Moderate comments
  • Promote users: promotes any specific or a group of users
  • Publish pages
  • Publish posts
  • Read private pages
  • Read private posts
  • Read
  • Remove users
  • Switch themes
  • Unfiltered upload
  • Upload files

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