WordPress Login Page – How to Login to Your WordPress Site

After you have successfully installed WordPress on your website, the next confusing thing beginners encounter is to locate WordPress Login page. By knowing how to login to your WordPress admin area, you will be able to post and update on your website.

There are two ways you can approach WordPress admin login and both are given below. Just type any of the two URLs in your browser and hit enter and you will be presented with the WordPress login.

http://www.yourownwebsite.com/wp-admin  (replace ‘yourownwebsite’ with your own domain name)


http://www.yourownwebsite.com/wp-login.php  (replace ‘yourownwebsite’ with your own domain name)

Once you have typed one of the above WordPress Login URLs in the browser and hit enter, you will be presented with the following screen where you can enter your WordPress admin username and password that you gave while installing WordPress on your website.


Just enter the admin username and the password and hit on Login button and you will have logged into your WordPress website and ready to start posting from the WordPress admin dashboard.


So just remember the wordpress sign in URLs because you will need to enter these every time you want to update your blog or website. WordPress.com login steps are also similar to above.

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