WordPress page: How to Create a WordPress page and When to Use

wordpress-pageWordPress is a great blogging platform which has gradually evolved into a powerful content management system. You can write either posts or a wordpress page in WordPress. Posts are mostly time sensitive entries which appear in reverse chronological order on the home page of your blog. In contrast a wordpress page holds content which is timeless. WordPress page is not included in the chronological entries that are shown on home page. Some of the candidates for wordpress page creation are Contact Us page or About page.

However, a wordpress page can be used to create and manage any kind of information. Other types of information that is displayed in a wordpress page are Company information, Copyright, Legal information, and disclosures etc. Generally speaking post and wordpress page are not very different. Both have content and titles and can take benefit from the theme settings and templates to have a consistent look and feel throughout the wordpress site. Every wordpress page will be having the same feel.

However there are certain important distinctions which make a wordpress page different from a post.

What is a wordpress page:

  • A wordpress page does not appear on the home page or other categories or archive pages. 
  • WordPress page is not associated with any category and no tags can be associated with it.
  • These are less time dependent that posts and are mostly used for non-blog type content.
  • Pages are also stored in the database and these are not files like those in the static websites.
  • A wordpress page is not included in the rss feeds of your website or blog
  • A wordpress page can be set as a home page for the website and blog entries appearing in another tab like “blog”

How to Create a WordPress Page

A wordpress page can be easily created from the wordpress administration dashboard. Just click on Pages>Add New and the new blank page with the editor will open where you can give title and content etc. You can also create sub-pages under a wordpress page. All you have to do is to select the “Page Parent” from the right side menu on your Add New Page.


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