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WordPress portfolio themes are an essential necessity for artists and designers who need to show of their portfolios in appealing and attractive ways. The fastest way to set up on online portfolio is to make use of wordpress portfolio themes. Most of the bloggers will have no opinion about the fact that wordpress is the best blogging platform. When it comes to meeting the needs of artists, designers and photographers to showcase their work, wordpress portfolio themes have huge potential.

Not just bloggers but numerous creative professionals have now learnt the power of wordpress portfolio themes and extensively use these for building their online brand identity and presence. The factors that make the decision of choosing wordpress portfolio themes easy are listed below:

  • Setting up wordpress portfolio themes is very easy. Even a novice can learn it in no time.
  • Huge number of wordpress portfolio themes is available. Many high quality free wordpress portfolio themes are available. There are countless premium themes also.
  • The huge variety of plugins makes it really easy to tweak the wordpress portfolio themes to suit the needs of the artist, designer or photographer.

In this article, i am going to list five of the best free wordpress portfolio themes to get you working in the right direction right away in no time. You may like to note that while not all wordpress portfolio themes are free, there is good number of free themes as well. It all depends on your requirement and budget. If you go for premium themes, it will be a lot easier for you to manage the wordpress portfolio themes because of the extra value added features available in premium themes. Another benefit of premium wordpress themes is their regular update. The vendors of premium wordpress portfolio themes also provide support. With regular updates and support of the creator of the theme, you do not have to worry about maintaining your theme. Rather you can focus on building your business while the creator of the premium wordpress portfolio theme address issues related to theme.

I would advise you to choose a responsive wordpress portfolio theme because they respond to all devices including mobile devices well. These themes are designed to respond and present layouts suitable for different devices like an iPad or iPhone. Another key consideration while you are going to select from different wordpress portfolio themes is the ability of layout builders. The theme should ideally support easy and flexible options for building portfolio right from the pages and posts of a wordpress site. Below is our list of top free wordpress portfolio themes.

  1. Cumulus – ( Demo ) It is a good theme for portfolio blogs. It is no more in development and not available for download at the original creator website. But you can find it at other websites.
  2. Portfolio Press – ( Demo ) It is another great free wordpress portfolio theme perfect for art and photography portfolios.
  3. FotoFolio – ( Demo ) It is another cool theme designed for photographers and visual artists.
  4. ViewPort – ( Demo ) It is one of my favorite wordpress portfolio themes with clean layout. The theme has focus on content. It has some easy tweaking options to suit your desires.
  5. The UnderStand – ( Demo ) This is one of the best two column wordpress portfolio themes which supports only wordpress 3.0 and higher.

Image:  John Fischer via Compfight

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