WordPress Vs Drupal – Which is Better

wordpress vs drupal

WordPress vs drupal debate has been going on for some time now with fans of every platform coming up with arguments in favor of their favorite. However, when you are evaluating wordpress vs drupal case, you first need to focus on your needs and requirements. Both the platforms are intended for different users. We should keep in mind that wordpress is a platform that is focused on blogging whereas Drupal is a content management system. WordPress assumes that only one or very few users will be managing a blog. Drupal on the other hand starts with the assumption that given the nature of content management systems, it will be managed by several users with different levels of authorization. This is the key difference between the two and if we can grasp this concept, our wordpress vs drupal analysis will be very straight forward.

WordPress vs Drupal – Why WordPress Lacks

Recently wordpress has also been trying to evolve into a content management system because small bloggers have now turned into big names. They have realized that they need more complex websites than an ordinary blog. But when they think of wordpress vs drupal, they are afraid of trying anything new. However, there is no denying the fact that wordpress has got some issues when you try to scale it into a bigger site of content management. WordPress has a permission system which sometimes leaves a few things to be desired. The abundance of themes is a security issue. WordPress treats all the content in a single way, regardless of the requirements. Critics who are evaluating wordpress vs drupal also point out that database abstraction is not very strong in wordpress.

WordPress vs Drupal – Know your Requirements

However, it is not all bad for wordpress when we are comparing wordpress vs drupal. If the requirement of the user is a simple blog, then drupal will be an overkill for this proposition. The user will be presented with too many options on the administration page which sometimes can become overwhelming for someone looking for an easy to manage blogging platform. In fact, in order to get the same functionality of wordpress blog, you will need to install and configure many additional modules in drupal to get the same effect. This would suck considerable time and effort of a new blogger. In fact some non technical bloggers may never be able to do this on their own. The second important missing thing in drupal is huge number of themes available for wordpress. A wordpress vs Drupal analysis would reveal that there are only very limited themes for drupal which are already in use over countless other sites.

In conclusion any comparison of wordpress vs drupal is a relative thing which is ultimately decided on the basis of the requirements  of the user.

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